Purdy schools revamp policies

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Updates target job postings, employee absences

The Purdy school district recently approved a number of policies submitted by Missouri Consultants for Education, altering how the district handles things like job postings or excessive absences.

Board members decided to post certified jobs for 10 days, but not necessarily waiting that long to fill non-certified positions. All jobs will be listed on the district's website.

In trying to decide what constituted an excessive absence, board members agreed to give employees eight absences per semester and 16 for the year, before becoming excessive.

Board members decided against creating a salary schedule for all certified employees, since none was needed. Personal days will continue to require approval, usually a week in advance.

In looking at paying comp time for sports staff, board secretary Anna Marie Erwin said current policy restricts extra duties to less than 40 hours a week. More than that would trigger additional record keeping.

"We don't have people who want to work overtime," Erwin said.

In the case of a festival, Chancellor said the district pays overtime, but otherwise, special cases have not arisen.

Board members agreed to authorize the superintendent to say whether school staff need to come to work if school has been called off for weather.

Steven Chancellor, superintendent, said he routinely would like to have office staff at work on the first snow day if they feel safe traveling, and administrators to show up on the second and third snow days.

The board also agreed to allow three bereavement days a year that will be charged to an employee's sick leave. Employees can submit an application for the time off.

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