Barry County avoids major flooding

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Pictured is the McDowell crossing at Flat Creek, east of Purdy. The National Weather Service reported Flat Creek rose to 15 feet near Jenkins. Contributed photo

National Weather Service reports Exeter received 5 inches of rain

According to the National Weather Service office in Springfield, Barry County avoided major flooding Thursday night into Friday morning after Tropical Storm Bill made its way into the state from the southwest.

Mike Griffin, meteorologist, said the heaviest band of rain started in Barry County, but quickly moved to Stone Christian and Greene counties. Radar estimates show between 2-4 inches of rainfall in Barry County, while Stone and Christian counties saw between 5-8 inches of rain.

Griffin said Flat Creek near Jenkins is up to 15 feet, and Roaring River, at Roaring River State Park, is up over 6 feet, which is considered flood stage at the park.

Griffin said reports from the Barry County area in total were minimal.

"I'm sure numerous creeks and streams are out of their banks locally, but we have not heard of anything major, damaging or catastrophic," he said. "Barry County just missed the major flooding, which is going on in the Springfield area."

Exeter received the most rain, as local broadcast media reported 5 inches fell in the city.

Mick Epperly, Barry County sheriff, said there were no damage reports in the county.

"There was water over the roadway on Highway 76, and a lot of farm roads had water over them, but there was no significant damage," he said.

According to National Weather Service reports, areas just south of downtown Springfield saw 5.5 inches of rain over a 24-hour period, and seven miles east of Springfield, 6 inches fell. Three miles southeast of Spokane, 7 inches of rain was reported; three miles north of Ozark, 7.54 inches of rain fell; and Nixa received 4.5 inches of rain.

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