Deputy to receive D.A.R.E. training

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Barry County Sheriff Deputy Mike Moore has been selected and sent to Houston, Texas, to receive drug abuse resistance education (D.A.R.E.) training.

"There is a training site in Little Rock, Ark., and Jefferson City once a year in September, but we were able to get him in down there, with no charge or tuition," said Mick Epperly, Barry County sheriff. "They allow so many from out of state. The only thing he has to pay for is his room and meals."

Epperly said Larry Stockton was the last D.A.R.E. officer but moved to probation and parole.

The training and certification lasts two weeks.The D.A.R.E. program covers Southwest, Wheaton, Purdy and Exeter schools.

"The D.A.R.E. officer is trained in dealing with narcotics and bullying," Epperly said. "If we see one child's life changed it's a positive deal. Hopefully we'll be ready to go as soon as school starts up again."

"He will be traveling from school to school Monday through Friday and will maintain his regular duties on the side," he said. "He came to me and wanted to do this. He's very much a people person and good with kids. I think he's the one that would fill in that slot very well."

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