City of Butterfield installing tornado siren

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Siren worth $15,000 donated by Massachusetts company

By Julia Kilmer

The residents of Butterfield may hear a new noise during severe weather now, as the the city has been donated a tornado siren for when storms become dangerous.

Tracy Anders, Butterfield city clerk, said the siren was donated by a storm siren company in Massachusetts.

Anders said the company, which preferred to remain anonymous, donated the siren, worth approximately $15,000, after hearing about a tornado that touched down outside of town last spring, hitting a mobile home west of town.

"They heard about it in the news, got in contact with us and said they wanted to donate the siren," she said. "It's the first one we've ever had."

Anders said before during tornado season, the people of Butterfield, which has a population of about 500, had to just listen to the radio and watch the news.

"Every once in awhile, they could hear the Cassville sirens, but nothing here in town," she said.

Anders said the city hopes to have the siren will be operational in a week or two, as it must be activated by the 911 center.

"We just did a test run," Anders said. "We are only an antenna and a cable away from it running. The parts are on their way, so we're not too far out from having it going. Hopefully, we will have it up and running soon, so be listening for it."

The Butterfield Fire Department advises residents to keep a close eye on the weather, have a radio on, spare batteries and a flashlight handy and remember that the safest place during severe weather is inside a basement or the most inner room of the house.

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