City mulls tennis court resurfacing

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

High bids force city to review finances

The tennis courts at the Cassville city park located between Highway 248 and 7th street have been in need of resurfacing and repair due to age, wear and tear, and the city is addressing the issue.

"There are a lot of cracks, the surface is uneven and the poles are worn out," said Steve Walensky, public works director for the city. "It's just been a long time with no maintenance."

Walensky was not sure exactly how old the tennis courts are, but said they are in need of repair.

According to Walensky, the city has been taking bids to complete the work but some of the bids came in higher than expected. The city is now reviewing financials to see which direction to go.

Resurfacing will involve removing the old asphalt, repaving the courts with fresh asphalt and repainting.

A start date for resurfacing is to be determined, but Walensky said that once it begins, the project will take about eight weeks if everything is goes as planned.

Walensky said they will not know more until after the next council meeting in June, when financials for the project will be discussed again.

Once ready, the city will have to contact the vendor to check on its availability, which will determine when work can begin, Walensky said.

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