Roaring River Health and Rehab gets a makeover

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Residents like new, lighter paint, laminate floors

Roaring River Health and Rehab in Cassville recently got a complete makeover.

According to Administrator Russ Newby, the facility, which was built 30 years ago, needed a change.

Newby collaborated with the owners, contractors and an interior decorator to implement the changes, which included new, different colors of paint throughout the building, new wood-laminate floors, new handrails, new carpet in the TV room, entryway and offices, new resident doors, new crown molding, updated landscaping and a new, modernized nurses' station.

"It was very overdue," he said. "The owners are pretty open to ideas and how we wanted to decorate."

The decor will also be updated, replete with rustic roaring river themes such as pictures and fixtures of water falls, fish, trees and nature themes.

"Because we're part of the Roaring River community, we want to stay with that theme," Newby said.

Each of the five hallways were updated with the new flooring and a light, creamy yellow paint and they are being named after trees to go along with the rustic nature theme. Hallway A will be named Aspen, B-Birch, C-Cedar, D- Dogwood, E-Elm and F-Fur.

The residents say they like the new, lighter colors, and are in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint in each their rooms, which will go from a previous dark color to creamy ivory, light yellow or light green. The residents don't get to choose which color, but the colors will be alternated by room with a 1-2-3 pattern.

"We have one room we keep vacant the residents move into while their room is being painted," Newby said.

Since the remodel started, Director of Nurses Marla Brophy has noticed positive changes in the residents.

"There's been an increase in their activity," she said. "They come out more and have taken an interest in the remodeling."

"Providing care is one thing, but updating the building is part of that care," Newby said

Newby said the owners agreed the building was ready for an update. Before the end of the year, they hope to also update lighting throughout the building and in the shower rooms.

A few residents have even helped direct the remodel, Newby said, staying up late with the contractors, giving them advice and taking lunch breaks with them.

"They try to act as consultants and direct us," said Sally Allen, registered nurse.

The nurses are happy, too.

"The new nurses' station is wonderful," Allen said. "There's lots more leg room, they are ergonomically correct, more room for charts and reference books and just more efficient. The counter tops are also lower so we can interact better with residents. They also have two phone lines now, instead of just one."

"I am in love with the nurses' station," said Micky Saville, medical records director.

Brophy said the new station is a vast improvement, and thinks the floors make the facility feel warmer and more homey. She also likes that the new laminate floors are quieter when she walks on them.

Resident Ruby Rogers also likes the new floors.

"They're good on the wheelchairs," she said. "It's a lot easier to get around than on the carpet."

Activities Director Heather Gusta, who was playing a game with several residents in the cafeteria and activities room, said she is pleased with the remodel

"I think it's beautiful and can't wait until we are all finished," she said. "We're still about a month-and-a-half out."

Resident Shawn Erke said she likes the new floors.

"They're really pretty," she said. "It makes the room look bigger. They really did a good job, including the nurses station. The other floors showed everything, marks and everything."

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