Vice principal hired at Cassville

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Liberal High School principal comes in, Dalton heads to Archie

Cassville High School will have a new vice principal in the coming year, as Liberal High School Principal Keith Robertson has been tapped to replace Coy Dalton.

A 4-year principal at Liberal, Robertson's experience is what caught the eyes of Cassville Principal Jeff Swadley and Superintendent Richard Asbill.

"Keith has years of experience, and that's a big reason, but his personality is also good and he has great moral character," Swadley said. "Being principal at a small school, you do everything, so those years of experience to me are very valuable."

Asbill said the dynamic nature of Robertson's position also played a role in his approval of the hire.

"Keith is a young administrator, but as a principal at Liberal, he handled everything from discipline to attendance to athletic director duties," Asbill said. "Those are multiple things that make him a good fit here, and he understands his role to take in education leadership."

Asbill said Robertson also helped implement the dual credit and dual enrollment courses at Liberal, which is something Cassville is trying to build.

"Some of those students that graduate form Liberal also graduate with associate's degrees, and that's something we hope to see," he said.

Robertson said he's excited to move to Cassville and become a part of the community, as his wife, Sarah, and 5-year-old daughter, Abby, will be moving as well.

"I was looking for a school with a community I wanted to settle in," because I don't want to start a job and leave in a couple years," he said. "I want to put down my roots, and the opportunity for growth at Cassville also pulled me in."

Robertson's daughter will be in the first grade this year, and he said the visit he paid to Cassville Elementary also helped in his decision.

"We felt really comfortable with the elementary school," he said. "Cassville is a great community, so I look forward to being involved in that tight-knit community and with the school."

Robertson said although he will be dealing with more students in his new position, he feels prepared.

"There will be quite a few more students, and my biggest challenge is to have a presence with each of them and show each one that I am invested in the things they do as individuals and the as a student body," he said. "But, the nuts and bots in moving from a smaller place to a bigger place are the same. The job does not change just because of a larger enrollment."

Robertson said Swadley has also been a big help to him already in the future transition.

"Jeff has been great, and so has Superintendent Asbill," he said. "Their help has been very encouraging for me."

Robertson will replace Coy Dalton, who has accepted the high school principal position at Archie.

Dalton has worked in the district for 11 years, spending the last four as the high school vice principal.

"His experience and friendship has been invaluable to me this year," Swadley said. "He understands the unwritten rules and traditions we have here, and he has been a great friend. He will be missed."

Robertson will earn a salary of $68,500. Dalton's salary upon leaving was $74,938. Both salaries are under 11-month contracts.

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