Seligman hosts Truck and Tractor Pull

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

22 classes offered at annual event set for May 23

The Seligman Chamber of Commerce is hosting its bi-annual Truck and Tractor Pull on Saturday at 7 p.m. at Ruby's on Highway 37.

Pulling order includes a variety of trucks and tractors, including stock tractor, showroom stock pickup, 4-wheel drive pickup, super farm tractor, 2-wheel drive pickup, stock tractor, street stock pickup, stock tractor modified tractor (one engine), diesel pickup 2.6 inlet combined class and pro-street pickup.

Prize money ranges from $35 to $100, and the pull-back tractor will be provided by Gary Anderson Farms of Seligman.

"Everyone weighs for their particular class," said Glenn Welters, with Spring River Tractor Pullers. "We go by classes for weight of the vehicles. Spring River supplies the sled, scales, announcer stand and scoreboard.

"Generally there's a pretty good selection of competitors. There are trucks, tractors and just about something for everyone to entertain them. There are fast, slow and everything in between, and it can get noisy."

Neal Stanley, Seligman Chamber of Commerce president who has helped organize the event for several years said proceeds from the event benefit the chamber. Stanley advises to get there early and said they may go until midnight or later.

"We have in neighborhood of 80-90 pullers about every time," he said. "It's family-oriented so there's no drinking. Everyone has lots of fun. If you want to come see the big boys pull, it's fun to be there."

Stanley said the event also usually comes with a few surprises, as the sled vehicles pull weighs around 18,000 to 24,000 pounds.

"I've seen trucks and tractors pretty much stand right up, and even clutches and U-joints fly off," he said. If you want to see smoke and flames fly out of engines, just come down. I've seen black smoke go 50-60 feet in the air."

Stanley said he's been told by numerous pullers Seligman has one of the best pulling tracks of anyone for 100 miles around.

"They call it a power track," he said. "It's a clay track, and I've seen sparks come out from under the sled when the trucks and tractors pull.

"A normal track is about 300 feet. Our track is 400 feet. The big boys like our track because it's a power track. The event tests how much power they've got and the distance it can pull. The further they pull, they win."

Admission fee is $10, and children under 10 are free. Food concessions will be available, with gates opening at 5 p.m. Entry fees for members of Spring River Pulling Association is $15, and the non-member fee is $20.

Bleachers are available, but visitors can also bring their own lawn chairs. Alcohol is not permitted.

For more information, people may call the Seligman Chamber of Commerce at 417-662-3612, Glenn Welters at 417-498-6496 or Neal Stanley at 479-903-2311.

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