Water tower gets fresh coat of paint

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Workers with Utility Services work on painting the water tower on Thursday from a scaffold. By Julia Kilmer reporter@cassville-democrat.com

Painters work 154 feet in the air to freshen up tower

Two painters could be seen working on a scaffold high in the air Thursday afternoon behind Wal-mart, giving one of the city's water towers a fresh coat of paint.

The painters, working through Utility Services, had been painting for the last five days, and said they have about four days left.

Worker Eduardo Garcia with Utility Services wraps rigging around the water tower that stands behind Walmart so when he returns to the top, the riser or carriage assembly will hold steady while he is painting. By Julia Kilmer reporter@cassville-democrat.com

"We're just spot priming today [and] covering up the rust," said worker Trent Clevenger.

According to the Steve Walensky, director of Public Works for the city of Cassville, the tower is 154 feet, 6 inches high.

Worker Eduardo Garcia said he wasn't afraid of heights.

"I am a little bit," Clevenger said.

Clevenger said it gets bright and windy up there, but sunglasses help.

"The wind is blowing at least 25 miles per hour up there today," he said. "We tie a rope around the riser and tower to keep it steady."

Clevenger said a third worker, Victor LeDesma, was working on top of the tower moving rigging.

The tower was built by Pittsburg Tank and Tower in 2005, and gets painted about every 10 years, so it was due for its first new coat.

"The industry standard, depending on age of tank and what its made out of, is about 10 years," Walensky said. "Some will hold paint longer if they're newer."

Walensky said the city has a 10-year maintenance agreement with Utility Services to maintain all of their four tanks. "We are under contract with them to maintain all of our tanks so the cost falls under that umbrella."

According to Walensky, who has been the director of public works for five years, the tank holds 750-thousand gallons of water, and supplies water for zone four. Walensky said the city has four zones; two towers in zone 1, one tower in zone 2 and one in zone 3. The water inside the towers comes from the wells.

Other periodic tower maintenance includes cleaning and disinfecting the interior of the tanks.

"Right now, we are just doing exterior work," Walensky said. "We just did the interior in 2011, and some repair work in 2012, and in 2014, we did a washout, which is done every two years."

As director of Public Works, Walensky oversees water, streets, signage, snow plowing, parks and aquatics, waste water treatment and the sewer collection system.

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