County sales tax revenues up 9 percent for year

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monett shows biggest gains, Cassville, Seligman fall

Barry County sales tax revenues are up about 9 percent over 2014, despite a drop in revenue in April compared to the previous year.

Barry County's two half-percent taxes each generated more than $153,168 for the month, down $5,000 from last April. The 2015 totals for those taxes reached nearly $619,000, up nearly 9 percent from a year ago.

Barry County's 911 tax generated $114,829.10 in April, up $650.80 from a year ago. The four-month 2015 total of $464,386.94 represents a gain of nearly $42,600 or 10 percent from last year's pace.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales tax received $480,497.48. Factoring out the new transportation tax in Cassville, the total represented a gain of 7 percent over a year ago, despite the fact that Cassville, Exeter, Seligman and Washburn all fell short of last April's receipts.

Receipts for Cassville's 1-percent tax totaled $67,081.46, a drop of $1,589.03 from last April. Seligman's 1-percent tax generated $7,441.67, down $1,852.35 from a year ago, while Washburn's 1-percent tax produced $1,350.19, down $1,613.23, or 45 percent. Wheaton's 1-percent tax yielded $7,926.17, more than double last April's sum.

Purdy inched its way ahead of last April's total with its 1-percent tax for general bills yielding $6,579.54, up $538.72 from a year ago. Purdy's three taxes mustered $1,077.23 more for the month than last April. The totals were Purdy's best for the month in three years, well below the $7,2015.15 record from 2012.

Purdy's tax receipts represented the best 10-month fiscal year total of $58,718.93 in the five years Purdy has had only one tax paying for its general bills. Receipts for 2015 are up by nearly $3,000, or 16 percent.

Monett started its new fiscal year with its two sales taxes for general bills yielding $158,979.34, a gain of $18,015.63 from what the 1-percent tax produced a year ago. The total ranked third for April disbursements over the past five years and well below the $185,173.83 record in 2008.

Nonetheless, it marked the third time in four months that Monett has received more than a year ago. General fund receipts are up by almost $67,000, or 12 percent, from last year's pace.

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