4th-grade Cassville teacher in stable condition

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Superintendent asks for prayers for San Paolo

A Cassville Intermediate School teacher who was hospitalized Friday morning after a medical event at the school is now in stable condition following multiple surgeries.

Richard Asbill, Cassville superintendent, has asked for parents and patrons to pray for fourth-grade teacher Maria San Paolo, a 14-year employee of the district.

San Paolo was in the hallway outside the cafeteria when the medical event occurred, and LaDon Vanzandt, school nurse, and Jill LeCompte, assistant superintendent, were only 15-20 feet away from her when it happened. Vanzandt provided immediate care while other staff called 911.

No children were injured as a result of the incident, and San Paolo was conscious when the ambulance left for the hospital.

Asbill said she is now in stable condition and in the ICU, as she had an additional surgery on Monday.

"They are hoping her progress is good enough to release her soon, and everyone is really optimistic," Asbill said. "I've asked all our staff and parents to pray for Maria."

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