Wheaton elementary students to get iPads

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

District hopes to get devices by end of school year

The Wheaton School District has made plans to give every student a wireless device.

Last month, the Wheaton School Board approved a motion that changed the district's ratio of iPads from 2:1 to 1:1 for kindergarten through sixth grades, said Lance Massey, Wheaton superintendent.

"We've actually placed the order for all of that technology within a couple of days after the school board meeting," Massey said. "Our hope is to have it in place before the end of the school year. This final implementation phase of taking the elementary from 2:1 to 1:1 was a little less than $25,000. That was for the devices, the cases to keep those devices secure and all of the licensing."

Since January 2014, every student in seventh through 12th grades has received a Google Chromebook, he said.

"It is very nice of our board of education to be forward-thinking and concerned about 21st century learners of our students," Massey said. "I give a big credit to our board of education and our building level principals for having a vision to go in this direction and the community to support spending this money to make 1:1 devices possible for all of our students."

The administration has wanted every student to have a wireless device, said Lewis Royer, board president.

"Dr. Massey showed us that the finances would permit us to provide that opportunity," Royer said.

The district will have over 400 wireless devices on its system at one time, Massey said.

"We're trying to get our students 21st century ready, global competitors for college and career readiness," he said.

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