Exeter to upgrade billing program

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The city of Exeter will soon upgrade its billing program on the city hall computer, as officials say the nearly 20-year-old program is too outdated to allow support services to perform certain functions.

Myrna Eisenbraun, city clerk, said Advanced Computer Systems, will perform the upgrade off-site for a total cost of $3,200, which will be paid over six months at a cost of $520 per month with no interest.

Eisenbraun said although she does not always need the support, there are some instances where when she does, they cannot help her.

"When I call them, they can take over my computer and fix things, but my system is so old they can't do all the things they need to do," she said.

One of those instances happened recently, when human error proved to cause an issue with sewer billing.

"A couple of months ago, we raised the sewer rate flat fee by $2, from $14 to $16," she said. "and when I had everything entered and printed off my bill journal, for new customers within the past year it was showing a flat fee of $1,600.

"When I called the 
support guy, he tried to go in but he couldn't change it, so he said I'd have to start over and reenter $16 for all of those new customers, and that would have been really time-consuming."

Eisenbraun said the upgraded system may also come with more options, which could make her job a little easier.

Because of Exeter's small population, the company also offered a couple discounts to the city, including $1,000 off for having less than 500 customers, and another 25 percent off, a total of $822.50, for including information in a newsletter.

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