Fancy footwear makes debut at Cassville High School

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Pictured are the Vans shoes decorated by art students at Cassville High School. The shoes will be entered into the annual Vans Custom Culture Shoe Competition in hopes of winning $50,000 for the school's art program. Contributed photo

Students at the Cassville High School art department recently entered into the annual Vans Custom Culture Shoe Competition in hopes of winning the grand prize of $50,000.00 and a trip to New York.

Over the course of the last month, seven students worked tirelessly to sculpt, paint and wire four pair of white Vans shoes. Each pair of shoes had to tie to one of the competition themes of art, music, local flavor and action sports.

A.J. Goergen and Leona Evans worked on the action sports shoe in which both shoes were put together like a panorama. One side displays a skate park and the other displays surfing and snowboarding.

Sophia Mueller and Jenna Hilburn collaborated on the music shoes. They painted portraits of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Steven Tyler and Slash. The sides of shoes light up with individual colored stage lights.

Ashley McFarland and Callie Meek tackled the local flavor shoes. They transformed their pair into a working chopper bike and a light up barbecue grill complete with sculpted steaks.

The art shoe was a compilation of famous master paintings from the Impressionist and Romantic painting movements. They were hand painted by Alyssa Wiertsema and Maggie Sprinkle.

"This is Cassville's first year to enter this competition," said Teall Williams, art instructor. "We wish the students good luck as we wait for the results on progression to the next level of competition. I am extremely proud of their work thus far."

Vans employees will assist in selecting the top 50 schools to be featured as semi-finalists in the competition. Entries will be posted online for a public vote on the Vans Custom Culture website from April 24-May 11, determining the top five schools. The top five finalists will get the opportunity to travel to New York City to showcase their designs at an event to a panel of celebrity judges, with the overall winner earning $50,000 for the school's art program.