Crowder Cassville enrollment down by 78

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Crowder College Cassville Campus enrollment decreased from 465 students in Spring 2014 to 387 students this spring semester while total credit hours dropped by 694 over the same period.

In the fall semester, the Cassville campus also saw a decline of students from 467 in fall 2013 to 397 during spring 2014. These numbers are based on students who were enrolled for at least three credit hours.

The campus usually sees a decline of enrollment between the spring and fall semesters, said Angela Seymour, campus director.

"We will get a larger number of first-time students who start in the fall verses starting in the spring, yet graduate a pretty large amount in December with our nursing program and regular graduation rates of all the other programs offered, about 40 to 50 more graduates each semester," Seymour said. "Nursing just tips the scales because we graduate an average of 25 each December and zero in May.

"We also have some students who start in the fall and do not continue in the spring for a large number of reasons. This has been the case each year since we began in Cassville."

The campus also has students who want a degree not offered in Cassville, so they initially start with large class schedules in Cassville, and as they progress through their degrees, they take more classes online or at Neosho, she said.

"We have also added classes in Monett, which has had a significant effect on the Cassville enrollment," Seymour said.

Crowder -- which is a two-year community college headquartered in Neosho -- reported that enrollment decreased from 4,963 students in spring 2014 to 4,750 students this spring semester, while declining by 2,649 credit hours over that period. The college saw credit hour averages decrease from 9.51 hours per student to 9.38 hours per student.

Cindy Brown, director of public information at Crowder, said for the most part, the numbers at Missouri community colleges were down this spring.

"In the last 10 years, we have been growing, and so we knew we would hit a level where we kind of level off a little bit, and that's where we are," Brown said.

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