Bob Mitchell: Winter is still hanging on

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The first day of spring is past, Good Friday services were at Corinth, Easter was last Sunday, Easter lilies are in full bloom and yet there are freezing temperatures still threatening in the Barry County Ozarks.

It makes me think this might be a weather prediction like one 34 years ago. It was 1981 when my second grandson was born in Dallas. Sue had gone to Big D to be with Shelley, and I was left alone here in Chinquapin Woods. The weather turned bad here, permitting a fire in the fireplace for about 10 days. The warmth felt real good in the evenings and also helped in getting rid of some of the woodpile.

Low temperatures before Easter might possibly be the last outbreak of a Blue Northern in the Ozarks, but don't count on that as a fact. Many gardeners in this part of the country have been fooled, and it resulted in having to reinvest funds to plant a second or third time if they were persistent in trying to out-guess Mother Nature.

April Fool

Years ago, you might expect a rash of April Fool outbursts the first of this month. Not so this year, as I only heard about one at the McDonald's coffee session. This one came from Bob Mizer, who announced on his arrival that he was buying breakfast for everyone.

Almost everyone knew this was out of character for him, even before he pronounced his April Fool offering.

Mower crews out

Recent rains and a few days of warm weather have the mowing crews beginning to make their rounds in the area. Their pickups and trailers are loaded, mostly with a couple of mowers, a weed whacker and a blower for cleaning off sidewalks.

If there is one thing this area has more of than banks, it would be those crews who are glad to be back in business after a winter vacation.

These crews can be viewed any day of the week moving back and forth in our communities, often making their rounds on lawns across the street from each other. It appears these businesses are like our banks. They are customers of homeowners for a period of years, as long as they do a good job manicuring their lawns.

Tax Day reminder

Probably few people will have to be reminded of next Wednesday. It's April 15, time for your annual contribution to Uncle Sam. One thing about this season, it doesn't make any difference if you are Republican or Democrat, most folks have their annual dues to pay to live in this country.

Unless you have corporate status, which will somehow let you off the hook for this annual dues-paying time or your income level gives you sufficient status to avoid the full load of taxable income, your tax check to the IRS must be postmarked by April 15, or you had better have an extension unless you want to draw a penalty.

Since they have no alternative, the average American walks up to the window and makes their payment with the theory that living in this country has a cost and they are willing to pay their part. For those who don't pay, what would they think about going elsewhere to make their home?

Early Democrat delivery

It's still too early to hear many comments about the Cassville Democrat pushing the delivery date ahead one day in order to give Cassville residents their paper on Wednesday instead of Thursday. Actually, it was 19 years ago that the Mitchell-Ray ownership thought of making this move, but a change of publishers wiped that idea off the slate. The point was to give advertisers another day of selling and to put event schedules before readers earlier to permit easier planning for the family activities.

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and publisher of the Cassville Democrat.