Crime stats fluctuate throughout Barry County

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Exeter, Seligman provide half of 2014 stats

In 2014, Exeter and Seligman crime reports were inconclusive because each police department provided about six months of data instead of the entire year.

Morgan Struble, who became the Exeter police chief in July 2014, said his department had 101 calls since his tenure began, and 151 calls in 2013. However, he was unable to gather any crime data from Barry County Emergency Services E-911 to fill in the gaps between January and June 2014.

E-911 upgraded its system in June, said Mike Phillips, executive director of the emergency dispatch center. An old server, containing historical data, crashed. The new servers have all the information since June.

In 2013, the Exeter Police Department responded to the following incidents: four burglaries, 10 thefts, two stolen vehicle occurrences, three assaults, seven domestics, two fights, a driving under the influence, five motor vehicle accidents (four accidents with injuries and one accident with an unknown injury), five occurrences of property damage, seven drug calls, a structure fire, 13 medical calls, 241 traffic stops and eight ordinance violations.

Since June, the department has responded to the following incidents: two burglaries, three stolen vehicle occurrences, five domestics, a fight, three occurrences of property damage, a drug call, two medical calls, 93 traffic stops and 89 ordinance violations.

In April, Terry Burgess became the Seligman police chief.

In 2014, the Seligman Police Department responded to a burglary, five larcenies, a motor vehicle theft and seven property crimes. The reports also indicated seven possession occurrences of synthetic narcotics, three possession occurrences of marijuana, three incidents of sale or manufacturing of synthetic narcotics, a possession occurrence of other dangerous non-narcotic drugs, five offenses against the family and children, three DUIs, one liquor law violation, three disorderly conduct incidents.

According to police documents, Seligman had five Part I crimes and 29 Part II crimes.

"Nationally, crime statistics are based on what is known as Index or Part I Offenses," according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. "Part I Offenses are categorized as violent and property crimes. Violent crimes include: criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes include burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson."

Butterfield, Purdy and Wheaton police departments were able to provide crime statistics for 2013 and 2014.

In 2014, Butterfield had 27 vehicle stops, gave out 36 citations and answered 47 calls for service. The citations included: two third-degree domestic assaults, a child endangerment and an unlawful use of a weapon. The calls included: three burglaries, three stealing incidents, two domestics, an occurrence of property damage, a disorderly conduct incident and a weapons offense.

In 2013, Butterfield had 34 vehicle stops, gave out 29 citations and answered 37 calls for service. The citations included: a DWI, a third-degree domestic assault and a possession of drug paraphernalia. The calls included two stealing incidents, two burglaries and a third-degree domestic assault.

In 2014, Purdy had eight burglaries, 17 thefts, 11 assaults, 19 domestics, two DUIs and 159 traffic stops. The department gave out 54 traffic citations, provided 125 warnings, had 10 accidents, had 616 calls for service and made 61 arrests. Officers worked 3,514 hours, drove 11,348 miles and worked 97 cases.

In 2013, Purdy had four burglaries, 16 thefts, six assaults, 19 domestics, three DUIs, 201 traffic stops, 75 citations, 151 warnings, eight accidents, 617 calls for service and 54 arrests. The department worked 3351.5 hours, drove 11,840 miles and worked 78 cases.

In 2014, Wheaton had cases involving three burglaries, nine thefts, two shoplifting incidents, an assault, three domestic assaults, a third-degree assault, three occurrences of property damage, a child abuse incident, a sex offender register incident, a child endangerment incident, four auto accidents, two drug investigations and a felony incident of resisting arrest. The department had 60 cases, decreasing by 15 cases over 2013. It gave out 290 citations, increasing by 102 citations over 2013.

Speeding was up, said Clinton Clark, Wheaton police chief. The department gave out 106 speeding citations in 2014, increasing by 68 citations over 2013.

"Drivers had more of a heavy foot," Clark said.

In 2014, Wheaton gave out citations for an assault, nine domestic assaults, four occurrences of property damage, two possessions of drug paraphernalia for methamphetamine, a possession of a controlled substance for marijuana, two DWIs, two endangering the welfare of a child and a resisting arrest.

In 2013, Wheaton had cases involving a burglary, six stealing incidents, two shoplifting incidents, three assaults, two drug investigations, three DWIs, two possessions of controlled substance, seven traffic accidents, a traffic accident fatality, a child abuse and a use of force. Wheaton gave out citations for an assault, resisting arrest, property damage, shoplifting, possession of controlled substance and three DWIs.

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