Purdy school administrators to return

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Certified teaching staff hired back for 2015-2016 session

Administrators at the Purdy school district have been rehired for another year of service.

School board members voted to extend contracts for another year to Elementary and Middle School Principal Janet Boys, High School Principal Bob Vice and Instructional and Professional Development Coach Mindi Gates. Salaries will be determined when board members prepare the budget for the 2015-2016 school year.

The board also rehired its certified staff for the coming year.

Board members approved rehiring probationary certified staff. Superintendent Steven Chancellor said all the teachers were rehired. Two teachers joined the 34 faculty members already classified as tenured: Darcy Brown, who teaches speech for the special education department at the elementary school, who has worked for the district since 2010, and Michelle Hilburn, high school communication arts teacher, who started working for the district in 2011.

A job description for the AmeriCorps director was adopted. According to board secretary Anna Marie Erwin, the board has been adding job descriptions for the last three years. There was no written description of the AmeriCorps director's duties. Similar descriptions were approved in January for the federal program coordinator and the special education process coordinator.

Donna Terry took over the federal program coordinator position from Janet Boys at the beginning of the school year, when Boys took over as elementary principal as well as middle school principal. As special education process coordinator, Kendale Ellis ensures all the paperwork for federal programs offered at the district is complete and filed in a timely manner.

Previously, the district treated duties managing federal programs as extra duty assignments. Chancellor said the federal government changed its regulations putting those duties as work contracts. Board members agreed to make that change.

High School Counselor Jamie Temple was again named the homeless coordinator. Her expanded duties are outlined under a revised job description provided by the federal government.

The board accepted elementary special education teacher Charlene Clark's retirement after 11 years with the district. Clark has had a 26-year career in education. Christine Schmitz, middle school and high school art teacher who had worked for the district for five years, also resigned. Christina Casey was hired as an evening custodian.

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