Direct primary care clinic to open in Cassville

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New clinic to offer different options on payments for healthcare


A direct primary care clinic is set to open in Cassville on June 1, as Dr. Lisa Roark, MD, of Cassville, is hoping to offer residents options when it comes to healthcare.

A 2007 graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School, Roark said the new clinic, Roark Family Health LLC, will offer many services at a low cost and without sending claims to patients' health insurance providers.

In place of working with insurance companies, patients at Roark's clinic will pay monthly membership costs, and will be allowed unlimited office visits during business hours, with no co-payments or deductibles.

"There is a huge need for direct primary care because a lot of people have no insurance or have very high deductibles, and they need primary care," Roark said. "If a person has insurance and wants labs or X-rays performed, they will be done here or at Cox or Mercy, but at much lower prices, especially for labs, since we do not go through insurance."

As an example, Roark said a cholesterol lab test would normally cost about $133, but would only be $3 at her clinic. An HgA1C diabetes lab test would run $99 normally, but would be only about $3.50 through a direct primary care clinic. Finally, a complete metabolic panel would normally run $270, but Roark can offer the test for about $2.74. Similar savings can also be seen in prescriptions, such as Atorvastatin, for cholesterol; Azithormycin, a Z-pack; or Amlodopline, for blood pressure.

"The idea of direct primary care is to take away fee-for-service healthcare," she said. "So, instead of working for the insurance companies, I will be working directly for the patient."

Roark also said Quest Diagnostics will make daily trips to the clinic to pick up labs, meaning there will be a 24-hour turnaround for test results. Procedures like X-rays, along with visits to specialists, will be referred elsewhere, and a specialist visit will still go through a patient's insurance.

Roark said she hopes to have about 1,000 patient units, with a family counting as one unit. If she exceeds that amount, she would have to hire more staff and expand.

Roark said she has already fully staffed the facility, which will employ five people, including herself, an office manager and nurses.

The clinic is not set to open until June 1, as the building she purchased at 1101 Main St., formerly leased by Access Family Care and owned by Connie Thompson, is undergoing renovations.

"We've replaced the windows, the floor will be stained and the walls repainted," she said. "We also knocked out a couple walls to get more space."

The building will have a waiting room, office, lab room, restrooms and six exam rooms.

Membership fees will run $100 per month for one adult and $150 per month for a married couple. For families, there will be a membership fee of $150 per month, plus $20 per child, but not exceeding $200 per month.

Employers will receive a 20 percent discount if they have three or more participating employees and cover the groups as a whole. Membership fees are prepaid monthly, with direct withdrawal available.

Membership coverage will include: unlimited office visits during business hours; unlimited access to a physician, including phone, text and email; occupational health and pre-employment physicals; management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder, birth control and more; physical exams, such as well woman, pap smears, well child and school or sports physicals; weight management, with medication nutrition and nutrition counseling; allergy shots and vaccinations; blood draws, pregnancy tests and urine tests; laceration repair, such as stitches; IV fluids; skin biopsies; joint injections; same-day appointments, pending availability; and longer appointments, averaging 30 minutes to one hour.

Roark said the only additional costs to monthly membership fees will be for medications and supplies used. Any medications prescribed and dispensed at the clinic will be charged at the clinic's cost, as it is contracted with a nationwide wholesale pharmacy to save patients money.

If the clinic does not have a medication in stock, it will order the medication from the wholesaler or write a prescription a patient may take to a pharmacy. Any labs ordered and drawn at the clinic will be at the cost to process the labs.

The clinic will also offer spa services, including: microdermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL photo facials, IPL laser hair removal, botox and latisse. Spa services are available to members and non-members, with a 10 percent discount for members.

Roark hails from Exeter and graduated from Exeter High School in 1999.

"I married my high school sweetheart, Griff Roark, who is from Cassville," she said. "We have four kids, all ages 8-and-under."

After graduating from medical school, Roark did her residency with CoxHealth in Springfield, and for the past five years, she has worked at the Cox facility in Aurora.

"I'm opening this clinic because I wanted to be home and be a bigger part of the Cassville community," she said. "It felt foreign to me driving back and forth to Aurora."

Roark Family Health LLC will open on June 1 at 1101 Main St., with hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, people may visit, email, or call 417-846-6814.

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