2 high-level Cassville school positions open

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Athletic director, middle school principal jobs posted

The Cassville school district has opened searches for two high-level positions at the district -- athletic director and middle school principal.

According to Superintendent Richard Asbill, Athletic Director Ben Abramovitz has taken a paid leave of absence and tendered his resignation from the position, effective June 30.

Melanie Stringer, middle school principal, has also taken a paid leave of absence and has tendered her resignation, effective June 30.

"[Abramovitz and Stringer] have each taken a leave of absence at their own request, independent of one another," Asbill said. "They are both still employed by the district, and each of their leaves of absence are indefinite at this time.

"We are currently taking letters of interest from internal and external applicants for those positions."

Asbill said he intends to have the application period open through April 10, or until the positions have been filled.

While Abramovitz is on leave, Jeff Swadley, high school principal, and Coy Dalton, high school assistant principal, are filling in for the athletic director duties. They are receiving some help in those duties from two teachers: Michael Hall, communication arts teacher, and Danny Powers, boys basketball coach and social studies and physical education teacher.

"[Hall and Powers] are starting administration classes, so they have asked to be mentored and to do some job shadowing and have taken on some duties, which has allowed us to absorb any supervisory or director activities," Asbill said.

While Stringer is on leave, intermediate school principal and former middle school principal Eric White is taking on administrative activities at the middle school.

"We have asked Mr. White to fill in for Mrs. Stringer, and he used to be the middle school principal, so he's already familiar with the programs and activities at the school," Asbill said. "We are making sure that during [Stringer's] leave of absence that we keep filling the need for administrative and supervisory duties at the middle school."

Abramovitz earns a total salary of $67,130 in his position, including a $4,865 stipend for coaching softball, figured at 14 percent of the district's starting base pay for teachers, and $6,713 for extra contract duties, which include summer camps and activities.

Stringer's salary as middle school principal is $74,245, on an 11-month contract, and she does not have any extra duty stipends. The contract is only 11 months, or 220 days, because there is a non-working month during June and July of each year.

The athletic director and middle school principal jobs are posted on MOTeachingJobs.com, as well as the high school softball coach position, which Abramovitz held along with athletic director duties.

For the athletic director position, the job posting says candidates should be able to provide leadership, coordination, and organization of athletic and activity programs in the middle and high school, including grades 7-12. The director will collaborate with the administration and coaches to direct and assist with program success in events and activities, supervise and evaluate all coaches, schedule athletic events, coordinate activity events with sponsors and maintain all necessary records and reporting needs. Candidates must have a valid Missouri teaching certificate, other to include administrative degree or experience. Questions should be directed to Swadley or Asbill at 417-847-2221.

For the middle school principal position, the job posting says applicants must be able to provide leadership in the following areas: academic instruction, teacher collaboration, curriculum, technology, student management and supervision of middle school programs and activities. Applicants should have a valid Missouri teaching certificate, must hold a valid principal's certificate for the middle school level, successful teaching experience and administrative experience preferred. The principal supervises one assistant principal, 30 certified staff, four classified staff, and approximately 400 students in grades 6-8. Questions should be directed to Asbill at 417-847-2221.

For the softball coaching position, the preferred applicant will have experience coaching softball for grades 9-12 and possess a valid Missouri teaching certificate. Applicants for all positions should apply through the school district's website at www.cassville.k12.mo.us.

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