Exeter police join Facebook

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Department plans to post about crimes, stray dogs

EXETER -- The Exeter Police Department has recently started a Facebook page to interact with the community.

"I am hoping to use it as an outreach to the community as well for them to contact me," said Chief Morgan Struble. "Sometimes, it's easier to send a Facebook message than it is to come to [Exeter City Hall] and provide a tip. I hope people keep me informed about what's going on around town using this Facebook page.

"For example, if we're having burglaries or mail thefts, and I need to reach out and maybe see if anybody knows anything, I can just post on there. I think its a valuable resource all-around, as long as it's done professionally and within boundaries and limits."

Struble will post information about certain cases, share news about the Police Department and post pictures of stray dogs on the page, Struble said. The department uses Facebook to either find the owner or place the dog into a home.

"I seem to deal with more dogs than people," he said.

Exeter has a dog pound near the city water treatment plant, and it can only house four dogs with future plans of being able to hold eight, he said.

The pound is strictly for Exeter use, said Myrna Eisenbraun, Exeter city clerk. The city does not take in other dogs in Barry County. The city does not euthanize the dogs at the pound.

Exeter has an ordinance that states the dog has to be contained in the home, in a kennel, with a tie out or inside a fenced area, Struble said.

"We established the kennels to house these dogs because we -- just like all of the other towns the area -- have problems with dogs running loose and digging in trash and in people's yards," he said. "And, we have started enforcing the dog registration pretty strictly."

If a dog is seen running loose, Struble said he or public works would then transport it the pound.

"If the owner can be contacted and located, they are usually assessed some fees and given a court date to come and get their dog back," he said. "They pay for the dog to be in the kennel."

Struble said his hope is to get more Facebook followers on the Exeter Police Department page and build a bigger audience.

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