Seligman reinforces ordinance 
preventing chemicals in water supply

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chicken houses, car washes, fire suppression systems, sprinklers require one-way check valve

SELIGMAN -- Seligman officials say they have strengthened the city's cross-connection ordinance that regulates back flow prevention of chemicals into the city water system.

The ordinance is geared toward chicken houses, car washes, anybody with a fire suppression system and anybody with sprinkler systems that are hooked up to the city water distribution system, said Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk. Businesses and residents who fall under the ordinance must have a one-way check value on their water system.

"[We did this so] we don't have to worry about any contaminants coming back in," he said.

The ordinance increased by one paragraph to seven pages, Nichols said. The Missouri Department of National Resources requires the city to monitor and inspect the cross connections.

"Once a year, DNR will come in and ask to see every single one of our connections to make sure that we have all the inspections done," he said.

Nichols recently became DS-II licensed through the state for the city water distribution.

"During that class, I learned of DNR having a better cross-connection policy than we did," he said. "I obtained a copy from them, and that's what I put in front of the aldermen."

The Seligman Board of Aldermen updated the ordinance at the February monthly meeting.

The cross connection takes it to a larger scheme if the city had manufacturing businesses, Nichols said.

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