Exeter brings on 2 reserve police officers

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Police chief required assistance for covering city

EXETER -- The Exeter Police Department has recently appointed two new reserve officers to help Chief Morgan Struble.

Aaron Kyser and Cody Stephens are the new officers. Kyser, 25, is a part-time officer with the Seligman Police Department. He graduated from the Missouri Southern State University Law Enforcement Academy in December. Stephens, 29, is a full-time deputy with the Barry County Sheriff's Office.

"Their responsibilities will be people I can call on if I need additional help for situations," said Struble, 26, who works 40 hours a week and is the only paid police officer with the department. "If we've got a search warrant, we're going to do or if we have a parade or something where we need additional officers, I can call on them and have some people within the agency to help out as oppose to having to call the Sheriff's Office or the [Missouri State Highway Patrol]. That's why I kind of got two, so I can have an option. I'm sure there are going to be times where they are both busy. That's not going to be the end of the world."

Struble said if both reservists are busy, he would still be able to call the Sheriff's Office or Highway Patrol.

"I guess this was just an effort on my part to try to take some weight off of their backs," he said. "The Sheriff's Office is already understaffed and very busy with what they are doing. The same thing with the Highway Patrol."

The reserve positions are strictly volunteer, he said. The officers are not receiving any compensation. Once the officers get enough experience at the department, the future plan is to have them cover some of the shifts when Struble is out of town.

The city would then pay either officer to fill in the hours, said Mayor Rusty Reed.

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