Snow days for 500 please, Alex

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cassville superintendent gets creative in snow day phone announcement

Parents of children in the Cassville school district got a snow day message this morning unlike any other, as Superintendent Richard Asbill led a round of Winter Jeopardy with football Head Coach Lance Parnell, Science Teacher Jennifer McCrackin and senior Geoff Brophy.

Audio of the Message may be heard here:

Asbill said as the snow days pile up throughout the winter season, he likes to shake things up a bit.

"After the first few, we try to get a little humorous," he said. "We had one on Sunday where I said, 'If you would like to have school on March 2nd, please say, have school. If you to cancel school for March 2nd, please say, cancel school,' then, my son was in the background and said, 'Cancel school, daddy!'"

Asbill said most of the humorous messages are well-received, but not always.

"We know some do not find snow days humorous and just want to know if we are open or closed, but if it's a snow day, we like people to know we are human, too, and like to have fun," he said. "When we are checking the roads at 4 and 5 a.m., humor can go a long way."

Asbill said he does use discretion with the messages, as the district sends media alerts and a text message, via school reach, at 6 a.m. He will then send out the audio message at about 6:45-7 a.m.

"I know lots of people probably do not want a message that early making light of the snow," he said.

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