Counterfeit $50 bill used in Cassville

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Police: Merchants should take caution when accepting cash

According to the Cassville Police Department, a $50 counterfeit bill was used in Cassville, and local businesses are being asked to take caution.

Lt. Danny Boyd, of the Cassville Police Department said the fake $50 bill was discovered after the Casey's store in Cassville made its daily deposit to Commerce Bank, and the bank found it to be counterfeit.

"We've had several counterfeit $10 bills and $20 bills in the last year, about four or five cases, but with this being a $50 bill, the stakes are getting a little higher," he said. "[If it is counterfeit], it should be set a little different, look a little different and feel a little different. If a merchant comes across any bill that seems suspicious, they should call us and we'll gladly come out and take a look at it."

Mindi Artherton, director of the Cassville Area Chamber of Commerce, said businesses should double-check the size of the bill, inspect it further if it feels different and call the Cassville police Department, at 417-847-3121, if one suspects a bill is counterfeit.

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