Sales taxes trend down in February

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cassville sales taxes down; Exeter, Seligman Washburn, Wheaton go up

Historically, February has represented one of the least active months for sales tax disbursement in the year, and the second lowest for the last three years.

In the past 10 years, February has topped the January total only once. So, after a 44 percent jump in receipts to start the year, a lower February came as no surprise.

Receipts for the month fell 4 percent from a year ago, though six of the 13 towns collecting sales tax showed gains.

Total sales tax coming into the bi-county area, not counting Barry County 911, totaled $1,292.625.05. Factoring out the new transportation sales tax in Cassville, the same taxes collected a year ago produced 4 percent less for the month. Except for 2014, the total was the highest for the month in the past 10 years.

The seven Barry County cities collecting sales taxes received $412,210.11, a 10 percent drop comparing the same taxes as a year ago. Exeter, Seligman, Washburn and Wheaton posted gains.

Cassville's 1-percent tax for general bills generated $64,780.24, down $9,518.74, or 13 percent, from a year ago. Seligman's 1-percent tax tallied $9,270.57, a gain of 54 percent. Wheaton's 1-percent tax generated $5,121.49, more than double last February's total, while Exeter's 1-percent total of $2,363.52 represented a 24 percent boost. Washburn's three taxes topped a year ago by $540.23.

Purdy's 1-percent sales tax dipped slightly from a year ago. The $5,328.54 total dropped $128.51, bringing the total for all three city taxes down from last February by $256.39. Although it was the third-lowest general fund payment in five years and the fourth time receipts have dropped in the fiscal year, the eight-month total of $48,779.54 is the highest since Purdy dropped to one tax to pay general bills four-and-a-half years ago, up 38 percent from a year ago.

Barry County's two half-percent sales taxes for general bills and roads each yielded more than $136,400 in February, a drop of $4,384, or 3 percent. The new eighth-percent tax to augment the general fund, starting its second year, added $35,186.48 to county coffers, up by $1,434.63.

Barry County's sales tax for 911 services produced $103,368.88 for the month, $2,034.90 less than a year ago. The 2015 total is running 11 percent ahead of a year ago.

Monett's sales tax receipts posted a 15 percent drop from last February. The two sales taxes collecting 1 percent for the general fund yielded $123,909.88, a drop of $21,740.23 compared to a year ago. The city's four taxes have a combined dip of more than $35,000. The payment was still the second-highest for February in the past four years.

It was the third time in the last four months that Monett's sales tax has recorded a comparative drop, but the 11-month fiscal year total for the general fund is at a record high of $1,780,301.11, up 10 percent over last year's record pace.

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