Seligman man fills alderman vacancy

Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Seligman Mayor Jerry Montgomery, left, shakes hands with Michael Avers, the new Seligman west ward alderman, during the Board of Alderman meeting Jan. 12. Avers will fill the position until the April elections. He is also a candidate for the one-year west ward alderman position. Jason Johnston

Avers wants to give back to community

Seligman recently filled a west ward alderman position that was left vacant after the death of former Alderwoman Shirley Beaver on Dec. 6.

Michael Avers, 50, who has lived in the Seligman area for more than 15 years, was sworn into the position in January.

The board had actively sought someone to fill the opening on a temporary basis until the upcoming April elections, said Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk. Avers showed interest in the position, and the board offered it to him.

Avers said he did not expect it, even though he regularly attends the council meetings because he said he cares about the city.

In the April 7 elections, Avers is a candidate for the west ward alderman position, a one-year term.

Avers said his goal is to help better the community, and the Seligman Police Department is a big part of the town.

"They are getting better under Terry Burgess, they are doing an awesome job, and I believe in everything that he does," he said.

Avers volunteers with the Seligman Parks Department, which coordinates the Christmas Parade and plans to hold either a spring or a summer fest. He works as an inseam stitcher at the Justin Boot factory in Cassville, and he is a ministry leader with the 12-step Celebrate Recovery program at Mozark Fellowship in Seligman.

Seligman has three other openings in the April elections.

Incumbent Eric Freeman and challenger Bob Hughes are running for the west ward alderman position, a two-year term.

The Seligman mayoral race includes incumbent Jerry Montgomery and candidates Joe Foster and Belva Stepp.

The other Incumbent, whose term ends this year, is Ron Corn, east ward alderman. Corn and challenger Ralph Marshall are running for the two-year position.

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