Exeter woman warns of Facebook scam

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

User impersonating HGTV star asks for personal information

An Exeter woman is warning of what she believes was a scam attempt perpetrated through the social media website, Facebook.

Michelle Kent, of Exeter, said on Tuesday evening, she received a friend request and a message from a profile under the name, "Drew Scott," a popular television personalty on the HGTV channel. The profile connected to the account, which was opened less than 24 hours before Kent received the messages, had a picture of Scott and listed him as a public figure.

Kent said the messages began by asking her how she was doing, to which Kent replied and asked i he was the real Drew Scott.

The person said he was, then asked if Kent was a big fan of the Publisher's Clearing House, with which Kent was unfamiliar, then he asked if she liked HGTV.

After Kent said she watches the channel all the time, the messenger asked, "Are you feeling lucky today?"

He then said Kent was the winner of a $50,000 home makeover, and he was filling out a P-14 form for her to accept the prize.

The messenger said to compete the form, he would need Kent's full address, cell phone number and zip code. Kent replied by asking the person she believed to be Scott to say her name on his upcoming show.

The messenger again asked for her cell phone number, and she said she did not have one, then asked for the messenger to give her a phone number to call.

Kent said after she requested a phone number, the messages stopped and the user had blocked her profile.

Kent said she "likes" the HGTV page on Facebook, but not any of the specific personalities. She said she hopes others will take heed and be cautions when approached about winning prizes, and that she is happy she did not reveal any private information.

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