Crowder College honor students named

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Crowder College has released the names of students listed on the Dean's List for the fall 2014. Students and their hometowns are listed below:

Morgan Cope, Pula Baker, Daniel Beckwith, Dana Bender, Erica Cubel, Megan Heman, Abigail Marcano and Salvador Martinez, all of Aurora; Jacqueline Resto, Sarah Stewart and Kelly Tolbert, all of Butterfield; Lyr-Ann Akers, Kelsey Baker Eric Bohmke, Katie Davis, Kasey Durm, Todd Evans, Jharry Gumabon, Natasha Gunkel, Chase Horner, Lucy Khang, Garrett Kirk, Anne Menego, Jamie Moore, Jordan Shore, Emily Speakman, Hunter Speakman, Braiden Vaught and Callie Woolhiser, all of Cassville;Christina Mock and Jennifer Neal, of Eagle Rock; Kylie Brown, Austin Couey, Breana Dave-Turner, Mai Hang, Shelby Medley, Jonathan Pointer, Sue Ann Stanley and Makala Stephens, all of Exeter.

Mary Aga, Monica Ballay, Leah Bradshaw, Haley Brafford, Sierra Coy, Jessie Cruz, Jennifer Genzer, Patrick Gorman, Pachelle Heeter, Mackenzie Lay, Imalay Osorio, Vaughn Payton, Lauren Sebastian, Julie Sellars, Elena Silvers, Amanda Smith, Michael Toombs, Kristina Valderrama, Rocio Valenciano, Samantha Vore, Victoria Walker, Melissa Wilson and Thomas Younker,all of Monett; LaDara Brown, Riley Carnes, Saundra Wallace and Joshua Stoddard, all of Mt. Vernon; Cassidy Bragda, William Dooley, Ashley Ellis, Holly Simmons, Whitney Turner, Yer Vang and Drew Young, all of Pierce City; Jory Bartkoski and Heath Burnside, of Purdy.

Alisha Ballard, Doni Craig, Robert Hosler, Curtis Sartin and Kevin Vigano, all of Rocky Comfort; karen Hunt, Stacie Munday, Rebecca Pickering and Candie Rainey, all of Seligman; Leslie Brown, od Shell Knob; Stephanie Brinkman, Sherry Greathouse, Chantel Martin, Tiffany Miller ad Courtney Morgan, all of Washburn; and Rebecca Robinson, Daisy Alvarado and Jessica Watkins, of Wentworth.