Cassville buys 2 new trucks

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Public works sells 2 surplus vehicles, buys pair of trucks

The city of Cassville has bought two new trucks, a one-ton truck and half-ton truck, to bolster its fleet for the Public Works Department.

The city struck a deal with Ford for the one-ton truck, at a cost of $50,066. Other bids came from Dodge, for $51,083, and from Chevy, for $43,985. Steve Walensky, public works director, said the Chevy offer did not meet the departments specifications, and the base offer was $10,000 higher than Ford's or Dodge's.

Walensky said the department budgeted $45,000 for the truck, meaning it went $5,066 over budget.

"We'll take a haircut on the number of bleachers [at the city parks] to make up for it," he said.

The half-ton truck was bought through Dodge for a cost of $22,750, which came in $10 under the department's budget. Other bids came from Ford, for $27,856, and from General Motors, for $33,000.

In addition to buying two trucks, the city also unloaded two vehicles that were in disrepair.

The city sold a 2002 Crown Victoria for $1,515.15, and a 1986 Kubota L-3750 with frontloader for $1,550. The Crown Victoria only received one bid, and there was a second bid for the Kubota for $1,500.

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