Bi-county area lags in deer kills

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Over 11,000 deer taken during alternative methods season

The Missouri Department of Conservation reported that hunters harvested 11,025 deer during the alternative methods portion of the 2014 deer hunting season, which ran Dec. 20-30, 2014.

Over 204,000 deer have been harvested this hunting season.

Barry and Lawrence counties finished in the bottom third of the state for total number of deer harvested during the time frame.

The alternative methods portion replaced the muzzleloader portion of firearms deer season in 2012. Hunters are allowed to use muzzle-loading firearms, center-fire pistols, air-powered guns, bows, crossbows or atlatls during the alternative-methods hunt.

In Barry County, 111 deer were harvested in the alternative season, an increase from 105 in 2013.

According to the department, the number was broken down to: 25 antlered bucks, 11 button bucks and 75 does.

In Lawrence County, 54 deer were taken, up from 51 in 2013.

The department reported 14 antlered bucks, 5 button bucks and 35 does for the county.

Top harvest counties were Oregon with 269, Franklin with 248 and Howell with 244. The total harvest for 2013's alternative methods portion was 11,967.

This season's deer hunting continues with archery hunting through Jan. 15.

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