Cassville Middle School raises $1K in penny war

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
The eighth-grade yearbook staff organized a week-long penny war among first-hour Cassville Middle School classes to raise money for a Share Your Christmas family. The classes raised $1,069. Front row, from left: Samuel Holman, Joua Thao and Cole Jackson. Second row: Lauren McManus, Savannah James, Avery Brown and Raven Ganoung. Back row: Marissa Matthews, Jeremiah Davison, Jesus Perez, Kobe Blisard and Claire Hurst. Jason Johnston/

Proceeds cover gifts for local Share Your Christmas family

Cassville Middle School is making Christmas merrier this year for some of its own, as it raised $1,069 for a Share Your Christmas family within the school district.

"I challenged my first-hour classes to come up with a way to either in their own classroom or within the school to help a Share Your Christmas family," said Melanie Stringer, middle school principal.

The eighth-grade yearbook staff organized a penny war between Dec. 8 and Dec. 12.

"Pennies counted as points toward each class, and dollars and silver counted against," said Becky Haynes, who teaches the yearbook staff.

Her class received the most points.

The eighth-grade class gained more than 900 points, Haynes said. Each first-hour class had a jar where the students could place their money.

The penny war generated more than $750 in pennies, Stringer said.

Avery Brown, a student on the yearbook staff, said she was really shocked that her class won, and her classmates had a big rivalry with the other first-hour classes.

Brown said her class would always look to see who had the most pennies.

"Then, we dumped in all of our silver and dollars to take them down," she said.

The yearbook staff shopped for the gifts Dec. 17 at Walmart in Cassville.

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