Letter to the Editor

Jo Nell Corn: Speak your mind on Mark Twain National Forest

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear editor:

I have heard the phrase, "Speak now or forever hold your peace," at weddings, but I am realizing now this also applies to the Butler Hollow Project, involving 18,000-plus acres of the Mark Twain National Forest.

The notification letter states only those who submit timely, specific written comments during this 30-day period, which ends Dec. 22, will be eligible to file an objection in the future.

Regardless of people's opinions on this project, I would like to to see them have an opportunity to voice their concerns. Specific areas and maps are listed at www.fs.usda.gov under the Butler Hollow Project.

I spoke with Allen Weathersbee at the Mark Twain National Forest District office last week, and he said you can submit your information via email, fax, letter or phone call. You need to include your name, address, contact information, the title of the project and the reason your are concerned.

Once you comment, you will automatically be placed on a mailing list regarding the project. Signing a petition will not guarantee you are put on the mailing list, so it is best to email, fax, write or call.

Having such short notice to obtain specific details prompted me to submit my name, contact information and concerns in case I would wish to voice my opinion later.

I am encouraging the citizens of Barry County that enjoy or have interest in the Mark Twain National Forest to submit their information before the Monday deadline.

Jo Nell Corn