Gas prices fall below $2 in Cassville

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Experts say prices will be lowest since Christmas 2008

People's wallets may be a little fatter this holiday season, as gas prices in Cassville have fallen below $2 per gallon.

According to, all five gas stations in Cassville were selling gas for below $2 per gallon Monday, with the cheapest price listed at $1.95 per gallon.

Anita Carr, who with her husband, Mike Carr, owns Fastrip in Cassville, said the drop in prices have been good for everyone.

"I don't know if we have seen more customers, but the customers we do have are definitely happier," she said. "You can fill up a midsize car for under $30, and just a year ago, it was $55 to $60. That's got to be good for the economy."

Carr said her husband sets the gas price at Fastrip each day, mostly based on the business' purchase price.

"Usually, Mike lets everyone know what to charge, and we try to keep up with where everyone else is at," she said. "Sometimes that's good, and sometimes, that's bad.

"It's really all in what we pay for it. When our cost drops, our price drops."

Experts say the nationwide drop in gas prices, partly because the global price of crude oil dropping and the U.S. and Canada producing more oil, will lead to the cheapest gas since Christmas of 2008.

According to AAA, formerly the American Automobile Association, prices could drop another 15 to 20 cents through the holidays. However, AAA says prices may come back up in the spring.

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