City of Cassville to expand website

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

City to spend $11,300 on code book overhaul, online expansion

The city of Cassville plans to expand its website by including ordinances, resolutions, Board of Aldermen meeting minutes and procedures.

"I think the benefits of having ordinances, resolutions, documents and procedures online are tremendous," said Alderwoman Jan Anthony. "First of all, if you have a question and it is after hours or on the weekend, the information is online and available 24/7.

"It will benefit the city because we are letting the citizens know what we are doing and how we are doing it."

Since October, the board has reviewed three different online options: $695 a year to do basic search, to print and to have email; $995 a year to do basic services, to post ordinances as they are passed and to allow easy code access that looks for a particular code not just in Cassville but in other cities as well; and $1,195 a year to do all the functions of the other options and to upload other documents such as resolutions, minutes and procedures.

The city chose to move forward with the third option, said Darelyn Cooper, Cassville city clerk. She requires Mayor Bill Shiveley to sign the contract with St. Louis-area Sullivan Publications, which could take place Monday.

"It will do a lot more for very little more money than the other two," she said. "It will allow us to update on a timely basis instead of having to wait until the end of the year when we send all of our ordinances in to be codified."

The city would update the codes after each board meeting, Cooper said. The code book would get updated once a year.

"All of the updated information would be on the website, so if somebody wanted to look something up that has passed, they would be able to do that," she said.

Sullivan will also overhaul the code book for $11,300, which Cooper said would take about a year. Sullivan evenly spreads the costs over five different parts.

"We will be billed 20 percent at each part," she said.

Cherry Bailey, who does clerical work once a week in the Cassville Police Department, will help Cooper and Jennifer Evans, deputy city clerk, with the code book overhaul for an additional two days each week. The city has approved the hire for $1,315. Cooper will supervise Bailey.

"She will be pulling the information out and making copies and getting ready to send to Sullivan Publications," said Cooper, who does not know when Sullivan will complete the overhaul and put everything online.

Mike Perry of Sullivan Publications told Cooper in October that the company is three months out before they can even start on Cassville.

Changes with the code book include setting up an index, eliminating redundancies and conflicts, bringing it into accordance with state statutes and eliminating outdated material.

Once completed, the city would get three hardback code books, with extras costing $75 each. The city currently has 10 code books.

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