City of Seligman appoints Springfield engineering firm

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

City pays firm $5,000 to seek lagoon improvements

Seligman hired Olsson Associates for $5,000 to pursue a plan that would better irrigate the city lagoon.

The contract costs with the engineering firm's Springfield office include the complete site plan, the stationary gun configurations, the length and the amount of piping, the grid layout and the materials list, said City Clerk Brian Nichols.

A couple months before the city decided to replace its 34-year-old rain reel at the 350,000-square-foot lagoon, Olsson examined the site, which stores the city's sewage and waste water west of Seligman on Farm Road 2290. The firm is now performing computer simulations.

He will not know the total costs to replace the city's irrigation system until Olsson lays out its proposal for city leaders, said Nichols, who hopes to update the board on the project's progress at the Nov. 10 meeting.

The city wants to replace the rain reel because it is constantly breaking down, he said.

"It's kind of a never-ending battle," Nichols said. "So, these guns are already going to be in the ground. We will have to do some yearly maintenance to them, but no big deal there.

"It's just kind of cleaning the jets and so forth. But, it's turning them on and divert the flow. It's pretty simple."

The city's original estimates were $60,000 to replace the rain reel with stationary guns or another rain reel, he said.

"It could wind up being more," Nichols said. "It just kind of depends on the design that [Olsson] comes up with.

The lagoon has a storage capacity of 6,539,460 gallons and a 321,776-square-foot emergency spillway. Crops, owned by the Miller family, surround the lagoon.

City crews currently spray the sewage and waste water over the crops with the rain reel.

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