Cassville Schools to celebrate Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daily events to promote drug-free awareness among children

The Cassville School District will celebrate Red Ribbon Week from Monday to Oct. 30.

"All across the nation, schools and communities will be focusing on safe and healthy choices," said Shelley Sparkman, counselor at Cassville Intermediate School. "Students will receive information through guidance lessons and through a presentation sponsored by a local Elks Club.

"Students will participate in spirit week activities each day, [and parents should] take note of the themes and help [their] child participate."

Monday is "These 'PAWS' Don't Do Drugs." Students should wear Wildcat clothes.

Tuesday is "I'm too BRIGHT for Drugs." Everybody wears neon colors, including hats.

Oct. 29 is "Follow Your Dreams, Don't Do Drugs." Students may wear pajamas, but they must be appropriate for school.

Oct. 30 is Red Ribbon Day. All children are encouraged to wear red. All Intermediate students and staff will also participate in the Red Ribbon Week Assembly starting at 9:30 a.m.

Cassville High School students will hand out ribbons and prizes at the assembly, said Tina Mills, a Student Against Destructive Decisions sponsor at the high school.

Sparkman said the staff at Cassville Intermediate understands that families deal with the issue of substance abuse every day.

"We see it in the media and in our own neighborhoods," she said. "We would like to take this opportunity to enlist [parents'] continued support in making our community a safe and healthy place for our youth to learn and grow.

"We can't always depend on someone else to communicate the dangers of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs to our youth. Each day, we must make sure that we send our children into a world filled with people that are pulling for them to succeed in making healthy choices. For us, this means ensuring that our children have safe places to play, environments conducive to learning, neighborhood businesses that restrict underage drinking and smoking, and families who are loving and supportive."

On Tuesday, the high school students talk to each classroom at Eunice Thomas Elementary School during the first hour and hand out ribbons and candy, Mills said. On Wednesday, they will do the same activity during the first hour at Cassville Middle School. Each homeroom teacher will pick a student who the teacher felt contributed the most. The students will then be called to the office Wednesday to pick up a prize.

The high school will be doing activities all week at lunch and having fashion themes each day for students.

The Red Ribbon Week's overall theme is "Love Yourself. Be Drug-free."

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