Seligman seeks $29,500 state grant

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Water system analysis could start in fall of 2015

Seligman has applied for a $29,500 grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to help fund a city-wide water system analysis by Springfield-based Olsson Associates.

The city would pay for 10 percent, of the grant, which comes out to $2,950.

If the city gets the funds, the analysis will be in fall 2015, said Brian Nichols, Seligman city clerk, who thinks Olsson will use ground-penetrating radar and various surveying techniques during the analysis.

"They build this whole map system, and they do simulations on it, so they can get a pretty good idea of if you make a change here, what is it going to affect there," Nichols said.

Olsson will evaluate the size and pressure of all the water pipes, he said.

"[Upgrading water lines and improving water pressure] would give us a better ISO rating and lower property insurance," Nichols said. "It is the whole basis of the water project."

The previous analysis was completed on May 15, 2007, for $11,500. The analysis takes three to six months, depending on the weather, when the workers can get out and exactly how much water line is in the ground to survey.

The analysis will recommend what small jobs can be completed each year, said Wayne Persons, the maintenance supervisor for Seligman.

"We will work on what needs to be worked on, not the whole thing," he said, referring to the entire water system.

The city's water losses were 1.7 million gallons between Nov. 15, 2013, and Dec. 15, 2013, and 663,000 gallons between June 15 and July 15. The efficiency increased after city crews tracked down water leaks and repaired them.

Seligman has three wells, and it pumps its own water. The city pumps just under 3 million gallons during each winter month, and about 4 million gallons a month the rest of the year.

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