Washburn slightly raises tax rate ceiling

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The city of Washburn recently raised its tax rate ceiling from 39.58 to 40.15 cents, which was calculated by the Missouri State Auditor's Office.

Washburn's current assessed valuation is $2,635,428, a decrease of 1.079 percent over 2013.

The tax increase is so small that Gary Youngblood, Barry County clerk, said some might not even see an increase in taxes.

In Washburn, the taxes on a $100,000 home and a $50,000 home would increase by $1.08 and 54 cents, respectively, over the previous year. The assessed value of residences is 19 percent in the county, according to the Barry County Assessor's Office.

Each year, the city has to just follow through with the state's established tax rate ceiling, said Mayor John Tiedeman.

If Washburn does not comply, the Auditor's Office could sue the city, Youngblood said. The Auditor's Office raised Washburn's tax rate ceiling to allow the city to collect almost the same amount of revenue as last year.

The Hancock Amendment, which state voters passed in 1980, prevents political subdivisions, such as Washburn, from raising tax rates too high to make a windfall of extra money.

The County Clerk's Office is awaiting the certification letter from the Auditor's Office, which would show whether Washburn is in compliance.

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