Cassville bond projects are wrapping up

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

School District 90 percent done with work

The Cassville School District passed a $4 million bond resolution in April, and 90 percent of the work associated with the issue has now been completed.

Dusty Reed, director of facilities and operations for the Cassville School District, said the only projects remaining include: ground source work in the middle school, the sidewalk from the Rock Gym to the intermediate school, middle school bleachers, high school gym and Rock Gym air conditioning units and adding a security fence at the middle school.

"We have finished up most of the projects on schedule, and now, we're going to start doing some of the behind the scenes stuff we can do while the kids are in school," he said.

In May, the district approved $3,147,915 in work through Control Technology Solutions Group, of Lenexa, Kan., spanning a number of areas the school had on its bond projects list.

The most expensive of the repairs will be the bathrooms at the elementary and middle schools, at a cost of $799,731. Each bathroom is now fitted with epoxy flooring, auto-flush stools and urinals, auto-faucet sinks, new partitions, exhaust fan upgrades and new paint.

Second in cost was the $609,410 in electrical upgrades, and the elementary and high school geothermal system repairs came in at third in cost, at $536,246. Upgrades included a 1,200-amp, 120/208, 3-phase service at the main campus and a relocation of services to the courtyard, eliminating the power lines out front. The Rock Gym also now has its own 400-amp, 1-phase service, and 20-amp circuits and five more outlets at the middle and elementary schools.

The high school and elementary school geothermal systems received new circular pumps, evaporating fluid coolers, variable frequency drives, a balanced flow to all units, and a re-pipe system to accommodate new flow rates.

Other categories of repairs included: elementary and middle school mechanical, $443,387; paving, sidewalks and railings, $287,133; middle school bleachers and gym lighting, $257,980; high school gym mechanical, $156, 752; and roofing, $77,276.

Upgrades in those areas include: 34 new HVAC units at the elementary and middle schools, the concrete sidewalk from the intermediate school to the Rock Gym, new telescoping bleachers with plastic contour seats in the middle school gym and new roofing at the preschool, art room and nurse's office.

The work agreed upon with CTS does not expend the entire bond amount, as it leaves $852,085 still in the coffers. Asbill said money left over will be used for change orders to the approved projects and for the completion of the FEMA building.

"Part of the bond issue was to complete the FEMA building, so any additional funds will go to change orders included in the bond projects and completing the FEMA building," he said.

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