Dirt stirred up in Seligman water lines

Friday, August 22, 2014

Residents should clear lines, city will compensate for water loss

The city of Seligman over the past two days has been flushing its water lines after construction works at the sit of the new Walmart jarred the lines, knocking loose sediment and making the water dirty.

Brian Nichols, city clerk for Seligman, said crews working at the Walmart site have been using a fire hydrant with a 4-inch line to draw water out to compact the site's foundation.

"When they cranked the fire hydrants open and closed too fast, it hammers on the system and puts vibrations through the piping, knocking jarring sediment loose that's stuck in the joints," he said. "We went and spoke to the Walmart people sand told them to use a larger fire hydrant, with an 8-inch pipe, from now on."

Nichols said the pipes on the larger hydrant can handle the construction workers' use better, and the issue should be fixed. Nichols said he and Wayne Persons, Seligman maintenance supervisor, flushed each of the hydrants so no more sediment is in the main lines.

For residents who are still experiencing dirty water, Nichols said they should flush their own lines by running the water hose or the sink until the water is clear.

"Individuals need to open a valve and let the sediment flush out of the line," he said. "If residents do run the water, they can call me at city hall and we will not charge them for the water used."

People may reach Nichols at city hall at 417-662-3600.

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