Crowder College celebrates 15 years in Cassville

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Campus handing out free T-shirts on first week of classes

The Crowder College Cassville Campus encourages each local business member, area residents to wear the institution's "15th Anniversary" T-shirt sometime during the fall semester's first week, which begins Monday and ends Aug. 22.

"In the 15 years that we've been here, we've had 1,270 students graduate from Crowder who have taken a class through our campus," said Angela Seymour, director of the campus who has supervised it since the first semester in 1999.

When the college hired Seymour, workers were still putting up sheetrock at the campus.

The college was at the first location, 13th and Fair streets, for 10 years. It has been at 4020 N. Main St. for five years.

The campus owns the property as of last year, Seymour said. The Cassville Campus offers associates of arts degrees in business administration, criminal justice, psychology, history, education and general studies. It also offers an associates of science degree in nursing.

"It's a big change from 15 years ago when we had four classrooms and one little bitty computer lab with 12 computers and a couple of employees and lots of work-study help," she said.

The campus now has 60 instructors and 12 staff members, Seymour said. It averages 50 graduates in the spring semester and 80 graduates in the fall semester. The number differential is because nursing students graduate during the fall.

"For the first six or seven years that we were here, you couldn't get your full degree here because we did not have everything," she said.

Students had to complete their degree through the main campus in Neosho.

"Crowder and Missouri State University have even formed an agreement where you can get complete a bachelor's degree in elementary education with an emphasis in middle school or a bachelor's degree in general business while attending the Cassville Campus," Seymour said.

Seymour's husband, Chris, is taking advantage of the partnership.

He is actually doing his student teaching placement at Cassville in sixth grade, Seymour said. He plans on graduating in December with a bachelor's degree in elementary education with middle school certification in communication arts and social studies.

In the fall, the campus will start offering five science classes, she said.

"I still feel incredibly blessed every day knowing that we are making an impact on students' lives," said Seymour, who loves being a part of the community and loves how the community supports Crowder.

The college plans to have faculty, staff and students wear their anniversary shirts on Monday, she said. The fall semester's first week will be called Crowder Days.

If businesses or residents would like to order a free T-shirt, they may contact Seymour at 417-847-1706 or

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