BarCo courts to implement eFiling

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Barry County Circuit Court is planning to implement the Missouri Electronic Filing System next month, aiming to enhance access and efficiency.

The implementation is one of a growing number of changes that allows the smallest, most rural court, up to the Supreme Court accept filings from attorneys electronically.

"We are pleased with the shift towards electronic filing," said Craig Williams, Barry County circuit clerk. "In making the change, we can offer attorneys extended hours of access to cases, providing them greater flexibility; reduce their costs for printing, copying and mailing; and better serve attorneys and their clients alike."

The Missouri eFiling System allows courts to receive, process and manage cases electronically.

Attorneys can check the status of cases or submit filings without making trips to the judicial center, calling during business hours or waiting for available staff support to conduct a search.

Public case docket information has been available in the court of appeals and other courts across the state through and may be accessed through the Barry County Circuit Clerk's website at, and Missouri courts website at

With electronic filing, case documents will be stored electronically at the court and will be viewable electronically through by Missouri attorneys who are registered and subscribed to the Missouri eFiling System.

Access to public case documents by the general public or Missouri attorneys who are not registered users is available at the court during normal business hours.

"We are excited about being part of this growing initiative," Williams said, "But, as with any change in computer systems, we have a learning curve to overcome as we transition from paper to electronic case documents.

"We ask for everyone's patience as we become more comfortable with this new way of doing business."

The Supreme Court of Missouri, all three districts of the Missouri Court of Appeals, and various circuit courts within the state of Missouri, including Lawrence County, have converted to electronic filing successfully.

Barry County is currently scheduled to implement electronic filing on Sept. 2.

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