Cassville City Hall gets facelift, repair work

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Luke Bass hands a drill up a ladder to coworker John Gilbert so he could drill holes for the installation of the new siding at Cassville City Hall. The two were working with Tyler Scheisswohl, in back, to do upgrades to the building's facade. The trio work for Schiesswohl Construction, which is based in Monett. Kyle Troutman

Repairs, upgrades to building cost city $54,547

Cassville City Hall is looking a little sharper these days, as the city recently completed work on its facade and its top, as new siding is being installed and a new roof will be added.

Steve Walensky, public works director for the city, said the building, which has been standing for more than 80 years, was beginning to see some cosmetic damages that presented safety concerns to visitors and city employees.

"The roof has been a problem for several years, and we communicated to the city council last year we need to repair it," he said. "We looked at doing spot repairs, but that would not come with any warranty or guarantee."

Walensky said spot repairs would also have been difficult, as there have been many additions to the leaking roof that make pinpointing spots difficult.

"The water that was coming in was like a plink game because there have been so many additions over the years," he said. "That makes it tough to see where spot repairs needed to be made."

To make sure the roof is fully functional, Walensky said the city decided to install a completely new one, which will also come with a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Walensky said the new roof also has the added benefit of being white in color, which will reflect heat and save the city money on cooling the building on hot summer days.

The contract for the new roof was awarded to Delta Roofing Inc., of Springfield, for a total cost of $46,247. Installation will include insulation, a high-density cover board, a single-ply membrane and new drip edges at the gutters.

The bid from Delta Roofing was the cheapest of four bids, with the other three coming from Graham Roofing Inc. and First Quality Construction, which submitted two bids. Each of the other bids were more than $51,000.

Along with a new roof, the building is getting a more visible upgrade, as the facade will soon have new siding.

"The west side of the wall was falling off, so we were concerned about safety, and as we started inspecting closer, we found decay throughout the siding," Walensky said. "When it rained, the water could seep through, and the moisture behind the wall could erode the brick masonry work at the building's base."

Walensky said the city looked at a number of applications to replace the siding, eventually settling on Hardy Board siding to be installed by Schiesswohl Construction, of Monett, for a total cost of $8,300.

The new siding is being installed only on the west wall and the facade, as the east wall and the rear of the building are painted cinder block.

"The Hardy Board has a reputation for longevity, and it fit our application perfectly and was the most economical," Walensky said. "I want the city to be proud of its city hall, and we need to treat it like everything else. We can't let it decay and look dilapidated."

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