Cassville starts new evaluation system

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New evaluation process aims to improve student performance

Aiming to improve student performance, the Cassville School District will be implementing a new teacher evaluation system in the fall.

The Missouri Educator Evaluation System was created, field-tested and refined by hundreds of educator across the state, and is now ready to be introduced into the school system.

Jill LeCompte, assistant superintendent at Cassville Schools, said the primary purpose of the evaluation system is to promote growth in effective practice, which ultimately increases student performance. The process is a five-step program that starts with identifying indicators, then baselining performances, new strategies and feedback, a follow up performance and a time to reflect and plan. The system was created by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

LeCompte said ongoing reflection and planning are used to ensure that student learning needs are continually met.

"This new evaluation process will benefit teachers and students at Cassville," she said. "Cassville Schools have always taken a progressive approach when it comes to student performance and what is best for the kids and our community."

LeCompte said since beginning implementing the process, the staff has fully supported the new system.

The new evaluation process has nine standards on which to base the evaluation, including: positive classroom environment, professionalism, student learning, growth and development, and curriculum implementation.

"Since we began implementing this evaluation, the staff has supported it," LeCompte said. "I think both the teachers and the principals like the new evaluation process. It benefits everyone."

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