Cassville looking to hire sludge-haulers

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

City hopes to have substitutes available for part-time work

The city of Cassville is looking to hire two part-time employees to possible haul sludge for the city when its main sludge-hauler is not available.

Steve Walensky, Cassville public works director, said the city's part-time sludge-hauler, Darrell Reynolds, also works another part-time job, as well as serves as a firefighter in Exeter and occasionally works as a butcher. Because of Reynolds' multitude of jobs, Walensky said he is not always available to haul sludge for the city.

"We want to hire a couple people who can be substitutes when Darrell is not around," he said. "The same pay rate will be available, which is $8 per hour."

Sludge is the aftermath of human waste that is boiled and liquified, then put into a tanker for application on grasslands.

Walensky said the city sprays the sludge onto fields for soil enhancement, as it helps to grow plants.

"The plants are able to absorb it quickly, and I use it on my own fescue fields," he said. "It is not a fertilizer, but it does help."

Walensky said much of the product is sprayed in a field near the sewer treatment plant, but the city is always looking for more fields to put the excess waste.

"We are always looking for more fields, and the only rules are if you use it, you can't let beef cattle graze there for 30 days or dairy cattle for 45 days, or there can be a risk of e. coli," he said.

For more information about the sludge-hauling position, or to offer a field for spraying, people may call city hall at 417-847-4441. Those interested in the job may also fill out an application at or send a resume to: Cassville City Hall, Attention: Public Works Department, 300 Main St., Cassville, MO 65625.

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