City puts 4 items up for surplus auctions

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Walensky hopes to get $18,000 from four items

The city of Cassville has added four items to its surplus list, and each item will soon be put up for auction.

Steve Walensky, Cassville public works director, said he hopes to get about $15,000 to $18,000 from the four items all together, which include: a 75-horsepower U.S. electric motor, 60Hz transformer, a push mower and a 1998 Dodge 1-Ton Diesel truck.

"The motor is a 75-horsepower electric motor, and we haven't been able to sell it because the vertical shaft is bent," he said. "It was used for a unique application, but it could be bought and used for something like a large irrigation well."

"The transformer is pretty small, but it could be used by someone like Tucker Electric."

Walensky said the city will put ads in local newspapers to sell each item, with the highest bidders getting each one.

If any of the items fail to sell, Walensky said they could be sold for scrap, which is what the city has done in the past with items like its old salt spreader, which was too rusted for anyone to purchase.

For more information about the items, people may call city hall at 417-847-4441.

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