Warren campaign spent no money through June 30

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Presiding Commissioner candidates file finance reports

As the presiding commissioner race heats up, finance reports filed show that incumbent Cherry Warren spent no money on his campaign through June 30.

Warren received the most in contributions at $5,600, and according to the report, $5,000 of that amount was a loan from Warren, and $3,388.27 has been repaid. Warren also received $500 from the Committee to Elect Ron Richard, and a $100 individual donation. Richard, of Joplin, is the State Senator for District 32 and is the majority leader of the Senate.

Having spent no money on this year's campaign through the end of June, and having paid back some of his personal loan, Warren still has $2,211.73 in cash on hand.

However, that number may be lower now as Warren said he spent some money on signs in July and also spent some money in advertising in Connection magazine, a bill he has yet to pay.

Eddie Davison, 65, of Shell Knob received $2,019.59 in donations, $1,069.59 of which came from his own pocket. He also received $950 in monetary donations from five separate individuals.

In expenditures less than $100, Davison spent $89.59 on business cards and sponsorships. In expenditure over $100, Davison spent $1,243 on signs from Shell Knob Covers, of Shell Knob, and $101.14 for T-shirts from Sports World, of Cassville.

The expenditures leave Davison with $585.86 in cash on hand.

Terry Burgess, 31, of Seligman, received $540 in monetary contributions, $190 from his own pocket and $350 in an individual donation, and a $110 in-kind contribution 
from Burgess.

Each of Burgess' expenditures were more than $100, as he spent $405.98 on signs from Backroad Screen Printing, of Washburn, and $120 for a magazine ad with The Monett Times.

Burgess' expenditures leave him with $14.02 in cash on hand.

Each of the campaign finance reports details contributions and expenditures through June 30.

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