3rd Annual Purdy Festival fun for 'kids' of all ages

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Children getting close to farm animals can create discovery moments that last a lifetime. Robbie Shaw, of Hampton, Va., whose sister, Mollie Strickland, teaches at the Purdy schools, burst into smiles as he petted one of the goats is the Purdy Livestock Show during the Purdy Festival. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com

Purdy held its 3rd Annual Purdy Festival on Saturday.

Grand champion honors for Nubian goat at the Purdy Livestock Show, part of the Purdy Festival, were won by Cameron Kalp, left, of Cassville. Kalp's mother, Lisa Kalp, right, had her hands full with an affectionate Kiko kid, a goat breed from South Africa that is new to the area. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Showing livestock can prove trying, especially with an inexperienced subject. Lauren Powell, 7, of Lowell, needed a little help when the Angus calf she was showing decided to lie down on the job during the Purdy Livestock Show on Saturday. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Andrea Larson, of Stella, left, won grand champion honors for her heifer during the Angus show at the Purdy Livestock Show. The cow-calf pair shown by her brother, Trey, right, and cousin Lauren Powell received reserve champion honors. Bryan Kutz was the livestock judge. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Purdy firefighters Jon Egleston, left, and Matt Hernandez, right, cooked the barbecued chickens that proved to be a big hit at the Purdy Festival. Organizers served approximately 350 chicken dinners and another 50 to 100 hot dog dinners to the midday crowd, the largest of day for the third annual festival. Although overall attendance was down from last year, organizers considered the event a big success. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
A very popular attraction for children at the Purdy Festival was the petting zoo, offered by the Purdy FFA Chapter. Blake Laney, left, and Denver Smulders, right, shared their love with the rabbits. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Children lined up in a steady stream to ride the horses harnessed to a merry-go-round at the Purdy Festival. Gavin Bellows received a hand taking his seat from ride operator Mickal Hopkins, while Ibby Stokes took another opportunity to pet the gentle horse. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Dallas Woody of Monett received support from mom Brittany Woody enjoying the horse ride at Purdy Festival. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Around 30 vehicles drew a continuous audience during the car show at the Purdy Festival. Among those looking over the attractions were Stefanie Young and Bobbi Jones. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
The Monett-based bluegrass band, Spur of the Moment, provided lively picking and a steady stream of music for the early afternoon crowd at the Purdy Festival on Saturday. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Intriguing carnival features offered an abundance of activities for children during the Purdy Festival. One of the most colorful attractions was the purple dragon inflatable from the Party Station, where children climbed in the mouth on teeth-like steps, careened down a mid-section slide and re-emerged below the tail. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
One of the most creative performers at the Purdy Festival was Spangle the Clown, with Arnhart Baptist Church. Spangle assembled a princess doll and drew on a face for Ludi Venegas as mom, Bicky Venegas, looked on. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
One of the prettiest food offerings at the Purdy Festival were the mangos cut into the shape of a flower, sold by Iglesia Pentecostal Church. Peggy Painter left, of Verona, received hers from Shawna Rivera and Gerald Bradley. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
The craft show in the Purdy High School gym gave service organizations and vendors an opportunity to show off a wide range of products. Melissa Barkhoff bought a Purdy T-shirt as a fundraiser for the Rattlers team from Stephanie Fuller. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Braiden Anderson, left, and Xander Dodson enjoyed the chocolate covered, gluten-free truffles created by Linda Thomas and sold at her Purdy Good Crafts and Sweets in the crafts show in the Purdy High School gym during the Purdy Festival. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
The Purdy Friends of the Library shared donated books and offered a chance to buy tickets for a drawing for several popular DVD sets during the craft show at the Purdy Festival. Cheryl Schad, left, discussed books with library patron Taylor Gregory, right. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Karmen Morgan, left, and Myca DeFoore, right, admired each other's face painting and balloon hats that they received from the Arnhart Baptist Church booth during the Purdy Festival. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Several different wagon rides offered old-fashioned country entertainment for visitors at the Purdy Festival on Saturday. Driver Edgar Schreiner, left, provided a tour for passengers Paletta Lowe and Arianne Thomas. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Five teams provided excitement for the bathtub races at the Purdy Festival. The championship race pitted The Fast and The Shoeless, with a team of high school aged members of the Panthers. The Panthers had to win two heats to reach the finals, while The Fast and The Shoeless advanced after one race. Pictured is the final race, with the Panthers at front pulling neck-in-neck at midway, and The Fast and The Shoeless winning by only a two-foot margin at the finish line. Winning team members were driver Zach Gardner and pushers Justin LaNore and Esvin Rodriguez. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Sometimes accidental activities turn into wildly popular events. That happened at the Purdy Festival this year after the bathtub races. Firefighters who had filled up the tubs launched a geyser of water arcing over Highway C. Children immediately flocked to the spot and for several minutes wallowed in the cold inundation. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
The Monett band Plymouth Junction provided late afternoon music at the Purdy Festival, ending their rock-flavored set with a tribute to Led Zeppelin. Live music concluded the evening with performances by Classic Country. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
The third annual barbecue cook-off at the Purdy Festival brought stiff competition from three contenders. Judges Dennis Burge, left, and Jeff Meredith, right, were joined by Jacob Brower to pick a winner. Jeff Bell of Monett took top honors over James Thomas of Prime Cut and Marvin Carney of Purdy. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
Festival-goers at the Purdy Festival became the big winners in the barbecue cook-off as they bought dinners from the daylong competition. Renee Veith bought her plateful of delicacies, served by David Thomas, left. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
This year the Purdy Festival introduced a talent show, with three acts performing. Allie Hayes, 10, drew the portrait of a horse's head in about four minutes. High school junior Angelica Sehrbrock sang "This Girl Is On Fire." Kaden Propps played guitar and sang a duet with Katherine Wise of "I Am Yours" and "Over the Rainbow." Pictured are the performers helping hold a poster with Steven Chancellor, left, Monett School superintendent, as Renae Neill, explained how the audience could text in votes from their phones to determine the winner. The strategy proved successful, and Sehrbrock took home top honors in the senior division. Hayes won the junior division. Murray Bishoff/times-news@monett-times.com
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