Railroad crossing work started in Purdy

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Washington Street may be closed during Purdy Festival

Repair work started this week on the Arkansas-Missouri Railroad line through Purdy.

Mayor Steve Roden reported that since the city closed the Jefferson Street crossing for upgrades on the remaining crossings, the railroad signed a contract with Hutchens Construction of Cassville to resurface the approaches on both sides at Highway C.

Later this week, Roden expected maintenance crews would close the crossing at Washington Street to rebuild it. The closing would last three or four days and may leave the crossing out of use during the Purdy Festival on Saturday.

According to the railroad's plan, Roden said crews would "smooth up" the Commercial Street crossing but did not plan to install a concrete foundation until 2015. When smoothing was finished, the Jefferson Street crossing would be closed.

In the meantime, crews have worked to replace tracks through Purdy. Police Chief Jackie Lowe said several residents have called in about trains bouncing between Jefferson and Monroe, fearful of a derailment.

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